Mobile Flat Tire Repair

What is a Mobile Flat Tire Repair?

A mobile flat tire repair is a service that comes to you and repairs your flat tire on-site. Flat tires can be repaired anywhere; whether that's at home, your place of work, roadside, or on the highway. Mobile flat tire repairs are quicker and cheaper compared to towing your vehicle to a tire shop. 

How Does It Work?
A technician is dispatched to your location. The technician then assesses the damage and determines whether your tire can be safely repaired. If repairable, the technician will then dismount and repair your tire from the inside. Your tire is then mounted and balanced before putting it back onto your car.

Service Vehicle
The vehicle used for mobile flat tire repairs is commonly called a mobile tire shop. The mobile tire shop service vehicle is equipped with all the necessary tools to perform a tire repair on-site. Vehicles such as passenger, trucks, vans, semi-trucks and recreational vehicles can have their tires repaired by a mobile tire shop.

What If My Tire Isn't Repairable?
No worries! A new tire can be installed and balanced in place of your damaged old tire. This too is a more affordable option than having your car towed to the nearest tire shop, not to mention the time-savings.